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People are always complaining that there is nothing special on TV. Maybe that’s true ever since Playboy TV moved their version of entertainment to the World-Wide-Web! But anyway, they are now working hard inside this new internet market. Now as you patiently pace yourself and walk slowly across the site sampling this and that, seeing erotic beauty all over, you will come to understand why Playboy holds such a big spot in the lives of so many. This site has information, tools for realizing all your desires and needs, passion, just let go of your nether regions for a couple of minutes and let us enlighten you about these guys!

The Playboy theme of material has always been known to have many beautiful bunnies. They have also been known to have themes that revolve around drama, comedy, documentary, reality, sexual education, erotic, and maybe some extras to keep you entertained. The name has also been heavily commercialized, used for branding various merchandise and made into a household brand. People from everywhere talk about these guys with high respect and regard. And to think, all they wanted initially to do was bring into being porn, but the best version with the hottest women. Anyway, years latter here they are taking the internet by storm. This site gives you a combination of material that deals with different programs produced by the Playboy empire. As a result, there is a lot of mixture, exposed variety. The site only has a couple of years of being online, but the background of the producers is solid high quality all the time period!

This site has lots of different genres, sexy lingerie to Lesbos, to parodies and sex. This site goes for a more personal touch that draws in all members more, personification of porn content really! Voyeurs or anyone who is turned-on by models and amateurs, celebs and pornstars, international models and cyber gals, can have their pound of flesh, so to speak! The prolific frequency of production is what makes Playboy number one in many people’s eyes. They have never stopped it…this site updates multiple episodes weekly.

You got to use the stream feature they give you in order to get all the material from this site. You have to use it since there are no downloading options. Stream only site. Disappointed? Maybe just a little bit. On All other things, they cover like the real professionals they are. That includes features, models, lots of variety, information, design, color, quality, and so on. You just have to get used to stream only videos, no pictures, but otherwise this is a true Playboy certified site with tons of material. Over 1700 videos last time we looked!

You have to…you really positively have to give Playboy TV a look-see! It’s all inside this site, soft and more kind of material. Playboy is number one for many, and looks like they are going to be in this position for a long long time. Go on…cum inside already! Discount

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Join Now! has made a covenant with all its members that we hope they don’t break. This covenant has been ironed out so that the site brings all the weekly updates, great porn and material they have, and members swear to stick with them and renew membership month after month. The specific field of study that this porn paysite focuses on is hardcore interracial porn. Nevertheless, don’t call them only an interracial porn provider; they want to be much more than that! The models inside are white, dark long dicks come crawling up to them, they don’t run, they happily challenge their opponent until somebody screams and orgasms in delight! The extremely good contrast between the pale while babes and the massive monster ebony male is some of the raunchiest interracial scenes we have come across.

One terrific thing about this site is the exclusivity of the babes. Many of the white models are munching on black cock for the first time in the scenes inside this site. That makes for very interesting material. The gals really don’t know what to expect, and this results in shocked faces, but thankfully, they are all up for the challenge. Exclusive models means exclusive material. The comments from the members betray the fact that they find the scenes very engaging. The site is still small with less than fifty episodes but they are updating. The site contains a forum where members interact and its beginning to look very busy in there.

They have big file formats inside that call for you to have speedy internet. However, if you do have it, then you receive massive 1080p HD movies. They have 720p to 270p file resolution quality happening within the site. Now the smallest version is good for mobile devices. Easy to download, pleasing to the eye. Mp4, are possibly the only kind of file types they have, will they change? add more? that we wait to see.

The streaming of HD video is always a fascinating thing. They have this inside, and the fact that its hardcore tight white anal-holes of gals being smeared with cum from pulsating hard black dicks…well let’s just say you will be glued to the screen. You have different speeds to run the streaming videos. The sound escaping from the gals comes out clearly with each long stroke of the cock! Filming quality of the scenes? Excellent, wouldn’t change a thing! They also contain long fifty-minute movies inside.

The trailers and zip file are there for previewing and downloading the images respectively. The models get to have stats displayed, links to their material inside, and members can have a jolly time rating the sexiness levels of all the models inside. We gave all of them a solid 4.9 out of 5! Technically the site is perhaps just starting out, not so bulky that issues of navigation will be noticed. But as they grow, we look forward to finding out more about their different search/sort features. Right now, it’s very easy to move inside. Conclusion? is loud and noticeable…they are a site worth looking into for interracial hardcore pornography.


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Als Scan keeps its promise but you only get to learn this after you have paid them a visit. So what do they promise in the first place? They tell you that the ladies they have will give you a massive erection. They tell you all their ladies do not have a single pubic hair in sight. They are all shaved, that’s what “Als” stands for. Another promise that they make is that they are professionals, they have high quality porn, and you will be constantly fed their delicious porn all the time. To determine whether they can do all this, let’s examine the site.

So, no hair! That is about the only thing you will not find inside this site. When they began their journey, they were more erotic solo babe centered. They refreshed their galleries, changed their perspective, and now they do have gal-guy porn to offer you. The other niches they have to amuse your appetite include solo, hardcore, fisting, gal-gal, and more. Why did they change? Why would they not change if they want to keep up-to-date and if they want to keep their members happy and attract new ones!

The load you get is one that will make you blissful. Let us begin with videos, you get over one thousand nine hundred and twenty two videos. Streaming…yes…downloading…yes! The clips are a nice twenty minutes and we saved the best news for last, the quality of the videos. They have 1080p and 720p HD quality. Multiple formats, mp4, windows, flv, divx, avi. They have 4000k streaming videos; these are the biggest and best! Pictures are equally important. They have high res, big size images. You get 200 pictures per set. They have over 2300 picture sets. Yes, these are good stats that show you how strong this pornsite is.

Only thing we could discern about any ugly things you will find inside is that there are maybe a bit too many cross sale. Some people will cry for bonus sites, but this one does not have such a feature. Considering how many movies and pictures they have, this is not a big concern.

The content inside is exclusive, and the content inside does feature more intense and dirty kind of play. DP and squirting scenes are available. The insertions you will see will have you ready to fist a young babe of your own! Just because the gals shave their twat, or that many of them are amateurs and new faces, or that they have different body types and many have young taunt pussies and soft boobs, doesn’t mean the site is completely done with you! You will have tools, navigational features, and the design of the site is also organized and well planned. Our conclusion is that you visit ALS Scan today.


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You do not have to keep on pretending that you aren’t attracted to fine young bodies. You can admit it. The site Nubile Films is here to help you get in touch with your true self. The models inside are young. So young, but they are all above the legal age of 18 years. They are young adults interested in sex, discovering the pleasure of their bodies, and all you have to do is admit you love young gals! This pornsite is interested in getting to the real sensuality that young babes have. That is one of the reasons they have 18 to 23 year olds inside this site.

Maintaining high quality levels is something that troubles many sites. Some just do not do enough, others steal, most really don’t care. This site delivers stylish and high-grade porn action in HD formats. The main objective that the young models have is doing porn in a way that is artistically marvelous. Saying this does not mean that all you get is erotica softcore material. They have lesbian, hardcore cock penetrations, solo, bjs, and other amazing genres. But, they are also very concerned with making sure their productions are different by inputting lots of creative seductive artsy themes.

If you are peeved with the kind of material other sites offer, since they constantly disappoint, you will be in for a raunchy treat inside this site. You can sample some of the content. What you see from the previews is what you get. They have over two hundred and forty videos inside their galleries. Usually, there is something uploaded every four days or less. They try to keep the ratio of pictures and movies even but there are of course slightly more pics than videos. The material generally is HD and high res quality. If you want specifics, yes they have 1080p movies. There are 3000 pixel res images. You do get to stream the sixteen-minute movies they have. Yes, the pictures can be downloaded, zipped files are provided.

You have really defined bonus movie or sites that come with your membership deal. This is not such a big bad thing, but inclusion of bonus sites would make their offer so much more attractive! Anyway, they have backstage clips you can check out. Information and some stats about the gals are given inside the model index. The pussies, the close-up scenes, the thrashing, teasing, and all things that the young models do will cause some sort of stirrings in you.

For us to recommend Nubile Films, we considered the kind of teen material they have. We did do a lot of clicking and checking, and after all that, what we found was that this site offers a good deal. The range of their subscription fee is reasonable. Admitting that they are good is not hard!


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They say that the material you see inside “College Rules” comes from material that real coeds and students have submitted to the site. These students have been involved in parties, events, gatherings that usually revolve around hardcore sex. You will find that the biggest cash price that is dished out is 10 thousand dollars. That is a small fortune to many students and they will do really anything for a shot at that cash. There is definitely something to be discovered inside this site, something very sensual and it has to do with hundreds of sexy college students and sex!

They have grown since their first few videos and now they have something Over 160 videos inside. The unpredictability of their updating schedule is also something that has not changed so much. The similarity of the tour page and the members area is meant to offer you some peace of mind since what you get from this tour page is exactly what’s in the member’s area.The site does have descriptions for videos but nothing too in detail. You will find the videos have information like how long the videos are. They have a rating system in place as well.

One thing though, this is a stream only site. The videos you watch them through the flash player on the site. You do have clip versions and the mighty fun full-length movies. You will not have any downloading formats so start processing that before you go and get a membership to this site. The flash player was up to the task of playing all the videos that we selected. The reality porn that is inside this site is one that touches on hardcore anal, party, fully clothed sex, coeds, pussy, tits, and other reality based kind of scenes. It is also all about sexy coeds and sex in college. They may not have the biggest video galleries but we still think what they have is entertaining stuff. We will not get into the whole debate of whether the material is true, false, or close to the truth as possible. What we know is what our eyes can see, and what they see is material featuring coed hardcore porn. Those who love this niche will appreciate hugely what these guys are trying to accomplish here.

You will find the site is simple to navigate. They have simple rules, simple features for finding material. Mostly the material is divided into latest and most popular. What you will see is that the ladies are very different. There are petites and then there are those with boobs and ass that are amazingly well rounded. The different coeds/students inside help to keep the material mixed-up and lively.

The truth really doesn’t matter when it comes to certain things like hardcore porn productions. All the material has to do is to convincingly convince the viewer and help them achieve their climax just like the people inside the video are achieving theirs. If you need college porn, reality action, amateur coeds with young tits and asses, and a relatively good site, you should check out College Rules!


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PlumperPass has you looking at some of the best BBW action you will find on the internet. Big beautiful women are taking over the industry by storm. They have certain things that petite gals seriously lack…lots of curvy boobs, butts, and plenty of soft flesh to go around! The sites inside this network used to be separate entities. They have collected their resources together and formed this mega site.

You want to know how much material and models they have before you join up? No problem, it’s understandable you would want a network that has hundreds of gals and content. This one has over 400 BBW models. They also have some 1900+ movies inside. This should impress you since it means they have bulky galleries to keep you busy. There are many videos in there that are HD for sure plus high res imagery of 1500 pixel res quality is available. They are kind enough to allow steaming and downloading to take place. They provide mobile formats, wmv, mp4, flv formats.

Every week the mega site adds new material, several new updates! The quality of the production of the BBW action is not something to take lightly inside this site. There is nothing it seems that these beautiful babes will not do for the camera. So, amongst the variety of babes you get, you will also find various niches that deal with bdsm, sex toy, lingerie, costumes, threesomes, lesbian, anal, pussy, huge tits, thick legs, and so many other hardcore niches. There is behind scene material. Erotic stories and no limitation on downloading limits are also offered inside. The consistency when it comes to production is definitely there throughout the network.

The gals may have heavy bodies to lug around but the user interface of the site is lighter and simple to handle. It carries the major galleries that they have inside without too much fuss and complaining. This means you get excellent services. The sections you get include Movies, Pornstars, Stories, Live Cams, Home, and so on. You get to say what kind of body size, hair color, tattoos, or ethnicity when perusing for the right BBW model. They are many so you have a nice big database to check out. All other important aspects of the navigational layout of the network are up to standard.

The deal that PlumperPass offers is really good value considering what you are getting in return. If you have a thing for BBW hardcore porn, they can help foster, nature, feed, your needs until you reach complete satisfaction. The network is still growing and updating. We like what the BBW babes have to offer and how they offer it; you should check this network out.


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The motive in looking for a good-looking partner is almost always a selfish one. It’s not that you want to hook up with him/her because he/she is pretty or handsome or sexy, it’s that you want to show to other people that you are capable of achieving the herculean task of capturing the attention of someone who’s sought after by so many. It’s selfish because it’s not about your partner, it’s mostly about you and your need to brag of your dating prowess. That’s why in our society today, we end up seeing the girls that “we once knew.” But to clear the reminiscent air of nostalgia, let’s do some porn site review and today in relation to the topic, we have I Know That Girl.

The name of the site is nowhere less beneath intriguing. It could spark different theoretical approaches, like maybe it’s about exes or maybe it’s about love that was never pursued. It can be anything in the name of love that has not panned out well or faltered even before the initiation was actuated. In that case, that would be kind of sad.

Though that is not how IKnowThatGirl makes it come off like. They glorify your painful or unsuccessful past by showing hot girls making out and having sex with their exes, like the past doesn’t really matter anymore, because today, they can have sex, as well as tomorrow or anytime they want without having any emotional fluctuations involve. Just pure casual sex.

I Know That Girl is targeted for both the young adult and amateur audiences. It houses over 295 scenes with each scene being good for a 30-minute video playback. You can also download the videos and I believe there is some limit to that, but the streaming is in HD as well as the downloads are HD vids. The site works on mobile devices, too, so you can basically enjoy streaming wherever you are.

Updates to happen on a weekly basis and the subscription fee only runs at $9.95 a month. It’s a promo rate, so it’s actually the best time to avail it now.


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It is so easy to support the notion that “Grades only measure effort, that it doesn’t scale intelligence.” It is probably accurate at some level. After all, only those who exert all their best and utilize all their resources can achieve academic distinction. Rarely do we see people making it to the Dean’s List without exerting the minimal requirement for effort. However, it is absolutely false to imply that grades do not measure intelligence. Because really, there are those who try very hard but still fail.

Then there are those whose efforts are coupled by acuity and inventiveness – these are the efforts that get to be rewarded. In the end, what I’m trying to say is that, it’s not exclusively effort that will thrust you on your way to the top – grades CAN gauge your intelligence exuded through your ability to comply to certain course objectives. But that branches out to a good chunk of rebellious teenagers, which we can all witness in the Fucked Hard 18 garrison.

The name speaks it all, 18 year old girls coming in to aid your horniness. This site is a mixture of reality and non-reality videos. On the reality side, get to experience the beauty of the submissions of hot college students who seek to have some extra money to carry on with their academe as much as they want to revolt the tedium of life’s circumstances. The non-reality part is much more elaborate with its unique cinematography that lets you witness angular shots that really give an emphasis to the G-spots and arousal points that could be imbued to the viewers as well as to the actuator in the scenario. Furthermore, they’re either 18 or looking like 18, which doesn’t matter because they’re all smoking hot!

Rather than bulking up the quarters with buttloads of videos that not all have real value, Fucked Hard 18 only produces exclusive content, both submissions that have passed their stringent standards or meticulously created porn madness. To that end, there are 199 videos for you to check and each vid goes for over 40 minutes of extreme sensual intensity that could take your thought right into the heavenly paradises. The models are hot and the college submissions house crude yet sexually attractive participants. Don’t forget to check out the photo galleries, too, as they contain truly substantive nude photos.

Originally $29.81 a month, Fucked Hard 18 has lowered its rate to $14.90 a month. Get to know more about the site and watch out for its updates.


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Sometimes, you don’t need to read books to verify the reality behind a theory. Take this, when you watch a movie at a young age, say 8, and the movie apparently has a sex scene in it and your mother and father are both busy working, so no one is there to cover your eyes or tell you it’s inappropriate. That’s when everything begins, deviation, perversion and all the terrible things you can become in the process. Therefore, verification simply takes experience. And that is why if you have been watching American movies, particularly Hollywood made films, for the past several years, I won’t wonder why you’ve become such a pervert today. And in order to fill that perversion up with satisfaction, Mr Skin is always on his way for you.

He is probably one of the most awesome guy no one within the preponderance of porno audiences will ever come to meet. But it doesn’t matter, only in a way that he gives us faith and joy for our flesh the thirsts and hungers for sensual passion and excitement drawn by the Hollywood smalls and bigs. Whether you’re into the fucking Kardashans or into the real decent stars of the big screen like Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfried, Eva Longoria and so much more, well, you have finally come to the point of being able to fill your emptiness inside you. Mr Skin has put up his shit altogether, making you think compiling Hollywood scraped videos is all he’s been doing his entire life. A genius!

Take this, there are over 34,000 videos you can get to enjoy with the awesome database of this twistedly amazing genius. So basically, whatever movie is in your mind that you want to jump back into without having to struggle through the useless (on a pornographic perspective) scenes, this one goes for you. The best part is that there are filters you can use, categories you can choose from as well as name of stars that are listed to have

Remember this, all work without taking a breather will only have you killed in the process. Limbo to be exact, which is much worst. You need something to keep you alive and if it’s Hollywood with its awesome porn scenes, Mr Skin is the deal for you. Only $6.00 a month, a total grab!


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There’s this thing we call sensual eloquence. This happens when two bodies meet chest to chest, with the girl and the boy meeting each others’ eyes. To cut long story short, this is when the turn of events pan out to something sexual with true fervor and passion. Now, are you still on the loop with that sensual eloquence or have you been not laid for several months now? I can’t blame you for not really having a fish on your hook just yet again. But to aid that empty space for the moment, you better check out the contents of New Sensations, a website which I will be doing a quick review on right here and right now.

Hardcore pornography is always the best category for the kind of eloquence we are talking about. And there’s something in this site that just makes it the right recipe. It could be the magnification and the visual effects. It could be the loudened moans or the deep penetrations. But as a whole, there’s always a part of it, a chunk, that seems enigmatically cryptic. It’s like what they say in philosophy, the truth is inexhaustible and you will have to spend your whole life trying to unravel it. But that’s okay. So long as it keeps you going, then it must be something good. NewSensations is indeed something beyond exceptional.

First two things to mention, this site is a mega-sites that culminates several different niche sites into its main pane. And again, it is hardcore porn source, so don’t expect anything less. New Sensations is a star-studded site, where you will come to find Morgan Lee, Angel, Chloe, Avery, Madison Chandler, Presley Hart and a couple other familiar glorious faces doing their line of business. Altogether with the other model database, they make 5,080 videos each with about 20 minutes of duration. You don’t only get to stream them, but also get to download them. It’s the absolute perk of being a member. Add to that the fact that there are several different bonus items that come popping by the week.

It’s not New Sensations for nothing. Every visit, you will think it something new. That’s why it’s one of the best porn sites to spend your $10 a month on. Enjoy!