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They say that the material you see inside “College Rules” comes from material that real coeds and students have submitted to the site. These students have been involved in parties, events, gatherings that usually revolve around hardcore sex. You will find that the biggest cash price that is dished out is 10 thousand dollars. That is a small fortune to many students and they will do really anything for a shot at that cash. There is definitely something to be discovered inside this site, something very sensual and it has to do with hundreds of sexy college students and sex!

They have grown since their first few videos and now they have something Over 160 videos inside. The unpredictability of their updating schedule is also something that has not changed so much. The similarity of the tour page and the members area is meant to offer you some peace of mind since what you get from this tour page is exactly what’s in the member’s area.The site does have descriptions for videos but nothing too in detail. You will find the videos have information like how long the videos are. They have a rating system in place as well.

One thing though, this is a stream only site. The videos you watch them through the flash player on the site. You do have clip versions and the mighty fun full-length movies. You will not have any downloading formats so start processing that before you go and get a membership to this site. The flash player was up to the task of playing all the videos that we selected. The reality porn that is inside this site is one that touches on hardcore anal, party, fully clothed sex, coeds, pussy, tits, and other reality based kind of scenes. It is also all about sexy coeds and sex in college. They may not have the biggest video galleries but we still think what they have is entertaining stuff. We will not get into the whole debate of whether the material is true, false, or close to the truth as possible. What we know is what our eyes can see, and what they see is material featuring coed hardcore porn. Those who love this niche will appreciate hugely what these guys are trying to accomplish here.

You will find the site is simple to navigate. They have simple rules, simple features for finding material. Mostly the material is divided into latest and most popular. What you will see is that the ladies are very different. There are petites and then there are those with boobs and ass that are amazingly well rounded. The different coeds/students inside help to keep the material mixed-up and lively.

The truth really doesn’t matter when it comes to certain things like hardcore porn productions. All the material has to do is to convincingly convince the viewer and help them achieve their climax just like the people inside the video are achieving theirs. If you need college porn, reality action, amateur coeds with young tits and asses, and a relatively good site, you should check out College Rules!