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It is so easy to support the notion that “Grades only measure effort, that it doesn’t scale intelligence.” It is probably accurate at some level. After all, only those who exert all their best and utilize all their resources can achieve academic distinction. Rarely do we see people making it to the Dean’s List without exerting the minimal requirement for effort. However, it is absolutely false to imply that grades do not measure intelligence. Because really, there are those who try very hard but still fail.

Then there are those whose efforts are coupled by acuity and inventiveness – these are the efforts that get to be rewarded. In the end, what I’m trying to say is that, it’s not exclusively effort that will thrust you on your way to the top – grades CAN gauge your intelligence exuded through your ability to comply to certain course objectives. But that branches out to a good chunk of rebellious teenagers, which we can all witness in the Fucked Hard 18 garrison.

The name speaks it all, 18 year old girls coming in to aid your horniness. This site is a mixture of reality and non-reality videos. On the reality side, get to experience the beauty of the submissions of hot college students who seek to have some extra money to carry on with their academe as much as they want to revolt the tedium of life’s circumstances. The non-reality part is much more elaborate with its unique cinematography that lets you witness angular shots that really give an emphasis to the G-spots and arousal points that could be imbued to the viewers as well as to the actuator in the scenario. Furthermore, they’re either 18 or looking like 18, which doesn’t matter because they’re all smoking hot!

Rather than bulking up the quarters with buttloads of videos that not all have real value, Fucked Hard 18 only produces exclusive content, both submissions that have passed their stringent standards or meticulously created porn madness. To that end, there are 199 videos for you to check and each vid goes for over 40 minutes of extreme sensual intensity that could take your thought right into the heavenly paradises. The models are hot and the college submissions house crude yet sexually attractive participants. Don’t forget to check out the photo galleries, too, as they contain truly substantive nude photos.

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