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The motive in looking for a good-looking partner is almost always a selfish one. It’s not that you want to hook up with him/her because he/she is pretty or handsome or sexy, it’s that you want to show to other people that you are capable of achieving the herculean task of capturing the attention of someone who’s sought after by so many. It’s selfish because it’s not about your partner, it’s mostly about you and your need to brag of your dating prowess. That’s why in our society today, we end up seeing the girls that “we once knew.” But to clear the reminiscent air of nostalgia, let’s do some porn site review and today in relation to the topic, we have I Know That Girl.

The name of the site is nowhere less beneath intriguing. It could spark different theoretical approaches, like maybe it’s about exes or maybe it’s about love that was never pursued. It can be anything in the name of love that has not panned out well or faltered even before the initiation was actuated. In that case, that would be kind of sad.

Though that is not how IKnowThatGirl makes it come off like. They glorify your painful or unsuccessful past by showing hot girls making out and having sex with their exes, like the past doesn’t really matter anymore, because today, they can have sex, as well as tomorrow or anytime they want without having any emotional fluctuations involve. Just pure casual sex.

I Know That Girl is targeted for both the young adult and amateur audiences. It houses over 295 scenes with each scene being good for a 30-minute video playback. You can also download the videos and I believe there is some limit to that, but the streaming is in HD as well as the downloads are HD vids. The site works on mobile devices, too, so you can basically enjoy streaming wherever you are.

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